New York City Insider -Restaurant Max Soha in Morningside Heights

Matt and I love food and being in New York there is certainly no shortage of cuisine. One afternoon, Matt and I met at Morningside Heights in New York City for Lunch. He had to be at Columbia University for a class and I had just finished a meeting with one of my social media clients.

We met at a charming little spot called Max Soha. This is not on ANY tourist radar… it’s  a total NY local dining spot. Max Soha has total downtown funk… all the way uptown. In this cramped little restaurant with 10 tables, lunchers were as diverse as the menu.

Amidst business suit types and students, this new Italian restaurant was a buzz at 1pm on a friday.

The food is tremedous. I like to think of myself as an “underground” foodie. I don’t write a food column and I don’t cook very often … but I do eat at amazing places in New York and love food and truly appreciate a savory meal. I know my food people and I can pair a mean wine with your culinary selections!

Risotto with mushrooms and other yummy ness!

While we were lunching, I couldn’t help but notice that almost every table had a bottle of wine … or two at their table. That’s the way to enjoy your food!  Such a chill lunch atmosphere at the top of Manhattan!

So… you should grab your honey or your bestie and head to MAX SOHA in Morningside Heights. From the amazing food, to the funky atmosphere …it will NOT disappoint!

Max Soha is on the corner or Amsterdam and 123 in Manhattan. It’s CASH ONLY and absolutely delicious!

Let me know if you go. I’d love to hear what you thought.