The tree is up!

I love christmas season. I love everything about it..the lights, the cold, the smell of warm apple cider, the choral music… I love it all. My mom would always get the christmas tree and decorations up the night of Thanksgiving .. so I do the same.

Since moving to NY, Matt and I have always bought a fresh REAL tree. Something my Florida youth never experienced. If you have never had a real tree… you are missing out. The smell of the tree that takes over your living space is really magical. Memories are made of this stuff.

We always buy our tree from the a local church. It’s their annual fundraiser for all the missions work they do. We are always there the very first day of the tree sale and every year we come home with the “best” tree on the lot!

Lily loves picking out the christmas tree, she’s always hoping for a trio of singing chipmunks to be nesting in the one we pick. This year NOSEY, her bear, was the lucky one who accompanied us on the tree picking adventure.

Nosey has never left the house, so this was a special treat for him. He went missing among the trees for a good 20 minutes and Matt and I and Aunt Becky had to go on a wild search for Nosey. He was eventually found among the spruces.

One of the best things to do at a christmas tree sale is to play hide and seek… and apparently.. strike a pose!

After much back and forth, we found our tree…which was also the very first tree we picked out.

Putting the tree up in the house is always an ordeal… between trying to fit it in the front  door, keeping the dog from running outside, keeping lily from running outside and pine needles and sap going everywhere… it’s a test of patience for sure.

“no to the left, a little to the right, ok you got it” – we finally got the tree up!

Although the tree has been up for a while, we are putting the finishing touches on the tree tonight with ribbons, train around the tree and special ornaments imported from South India. I’ll be sure to post pics soon. Tis the season all!!

Did you pick a real tree or fake one this year? Do share your christmas tree pics with me!