Mama’s in the kitchen!

Alright, so if you know me… and most of you people who read this here blog know me… you know that I am no cook.

I don’t pretend to be one. I won’t pretend to be one. I don’t plan on being one.

Matt is the cook in this family and he often times cranks out 5 Star meals without batting an eyelash!

Just to give you a refresher, Matt is the one who convinced a group of our friends, a few yers ago,  to help him with a full on New England style Clam Bake… in our backyard! Complete with tons of seaweed and chicken and clams and potatoes and fish and shirmp and corn … all cooked REAL clam bake style in the ground for hours! AND he also makes my grandmothers authentic South Indian recipies from scratch!

Anytime I learn tips in the kitchen I love sharing them with Matt… and YOU, dear reader.

I was invited to attend a cooking event as part of a blogger shindig here in Westchester. It was awesome. I thought I was going to drink some wine, learn about a catering company but no… they put me to work! I learned knife skills and what oils to use and learned how to cook a fab meal with no fuss!

Chef, Eric Korn , owner and chef of Good-Life Gourmet with locations in Irvington and Scarsdale, totally schooled me in all things culinary. Among the many things I learned some tips stuck more than others.

  1. That whole EVOO  biznaz is soooo NOT the King. Apparently Canola Oil has omega fatty goodness that does not burn away….like olive oil.. and is lighter and unscented. Chef Eric encouraged us to use CANOLA oil when cooking and EVOO when garnishing. Someone needs to tell Rachel Ray!
  2. When dressing your salad, drip the dressing on the perimeter of the salad – the dressing will seep in through the side and you can gently toss it. Do this instead of dumping the salad dressing in the middle of the salad.
  3. Sprinkle kosher salt from up top on your completely dressed salad for an extra zing. This was really yummy, the fresh light salt taste when eating a salad was super yum!
  4. Quinoa is cool. Yea kids, ditch the brown rice and get your Quinoa on. Let the Quinoa cook in veggie or chicken stock, throw in a few sauteed onions , garlic and veggies and it’s a one pot dish!
  5. On cooking salmon – when you see the white stuff at the bottom of the salmon… that means it’s done. No thermometer required.
So there ya go. Those are my tips. Maybe you knew them, maybe you didn’t. They are new to me! and I am gonna get my cook on!

The meal was amazing and yummy and full of all kinds of goodness for your body.

Salmon + Quinoa + Salad .

It was a fun evening with healthy eating tips and detox menus and fab bloggers from Westchester.

To find out more about Good-Life Gourmet check out their site —-> Good Life! 

I was so inspired by my cooking class with Chef Eric that I made myself a yummy batch of Quinoa the very next day. I used sauteed onions, chicken stock, peppers and qunioa.

Here’s to healthy eating!

Please share your cooking tips with me… goodness knows I need em!

* I was not compensated for this post. I was invited to a cooking class at Good Life Gourmet and I loved it! *