So your daughter married a vampire

With all the buzz surrounding the  filmTWILIGHT... It got me thinking… What if Lily married a Vampire? What’s in it for me…as the mother-in-law … of a vampire.


  1. SUPER rare vintage gifts.
  2. Save some major moolah on travel because my vampire son-in-law would just carry me and run really fast and transport me anywhere.
  3. We would hang out with Vampire Bill and Vampire Eric. And of course Jason Stackhouse would pop over from time to time. (TrueBlood) SWOOON! 
  4. A fab collection of capes.
  5. Killer nightlife! Hee hee!
  6. I’d get to keep all the silver they got as wedding presents.
  7. Someone to take family photos – Vampires don’t show up in photos.
  1. I can’t cook with garlic… and I LOVE garlic.
  2. Keep running out of band aids.
  3. Constant threat of Werewolfs.
  4. Weird in-laws.
  5. Concern that my son-in-law would lose control and suck my blood.
  6. Having to explain the double wide casket in the guest bedroom.
  7. Never a good family photo – Vampires don’t show up in photos.