CBS Crime Drama – Unforgettable

Recently  I was invited to the set of the new CBS drama, UNFORGETTABLE. The series was filming in Queens on a cold blustery fall day. The day included a sit down with the shows star Poppy Montgomery as well as guest star and show consultant Marilu Henner.

UNFORGETTABLE on CBS follows Poppy Montgomery’s character, Carrie Wells, a detective who has an ultra-rare ability called “superior autobiographical memory – a condition that  Marilu Henner has in real life! This enables her to remember every detail of every moment EVER! She remembers everything that has happened in her life except what happened the day her sister was murdered … dum dum dum ( Sound effect)

I had the opportunity to chat with Marilu Henner and Poppy Montgomery after visiting them on set. The show came about after Marilu Henner was on 60 Minutes in 2010 where she discussed her superior autobiographical memory“. The suits  at CBS saw this and were excited about having her onboard and brought Unforgettable to the network, a project previously shelved.

She is one of only a handful of people around the world who have this super rare ability.  Poppy Montgomery’s character and the show was inspired by Marilu own personal experience. Minus the sister being murdered and not remembering anything part! Marilu acts as a show consultant in addition to playing the character of detective Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery) Aunt. She is not involved with writing plots for the show, but is there to make sure that Poppy’s character and portrayal of someone with this memory ability is absolutely accurate. She contributes to character development and consistency for Poppy Montgomery’s character.  Marilu Henner spoke about her remarkable memory. She captures images for life, times and dates all of it. Her son shares this as well.

When I was in the media room with Marilu Henner, she was approached by a fan, Viv from SoapBoxDirty,  who wrote her a letter over 25 years ago. Marilu  TOTALLY remembered her by name without even missing a beat! Amazing! Don’t believe me… I have it on video!

The scene being shot when I visited the set is airing TODAY! November 15. It was FREEZING  that day in queens!! Take a look!

The show airs on TUESDAYS on CBS. 10PM EST. Check out more info about the show —> HERE!

* Disclosure – I attended this media event via ONE2ONE Network and Amy Oztan-Selfish Mom. I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and the 100% truth*