As you all know… the northeast was hit by a freak snow storm last week. Yes folks this year has been one of wonderment and random weather choices for us. First the “TROPICAL STORM FORMERLY KNOWN AS HURRICANE IRENE” came through and left us without power for days and then we had an EARTHQUAKE and then SNOWTOBER!

SNOWTOBER is the most recent of Mother Natures way of telling us the 80’s that fueled hairspray really should have been a broadway show and NOT a way of living!

So… we are now paying for this ozone hole that is spewing all sorts of angry climate changes our way.

Our snowy day started like any other… it was a lazy saturday, we had heard of the snow news but didn’t really take it seriously. I mean a SNOWSTORM in October PSHA!

It started to flurry… and we ran out to play… “um where is the snow MOM?” 

Then it started to flurry even more… Lily: ” REALLY? ” 

And then.. out of nowhere… a massive snowstorm and in about 15 joke… this!

and then this…

Big huge flakes of snow…

Lily and Matt and Jonah headed out for a trek in the snow. I stayed in the warm house doing laundry or something ‘Saturday Afternoony” like.

I grew up in Florida and we never had snow days. I love snow days. Lily does too. I love the white snow falling, I love the sound of the snow ploughs and I love the smell of coffee on a cold snowy day.

We spent the day playing in the snow, building snowmen… yes snowmen before HALLOWEEN! GASP! 

Jonah has snow in his blood and loved every moment of this snow storm. He was in his element and there was absolutely NO shortage of YELLOW SNOW!  Don’t eat the Yellow Snow!!

Our snow storm tradition is to walk in the snow to the local diner and relax with some yummy breakfast food! So off we went…

It was Matt’s Birthday and he wanted clam strips and since I can’t conjure up clams on a snowy afternoon the diner was the next best choice.

Snow meals at the diner are some of my favorite times. Our charming little town practically shuts down during snow storm but most businesses stay open. So to show our support we get our snow boots on and head out to the wine store, the market or the diner.

After our fill of clam strips and pumpkin cheese cake – we headed back home.

When we arrived back home, we were met with falling tree limbs all around us.

The snow storm left us without power and water for a few days. This discomfort certainly made us appreciate the simple luxuries that we take for granted – A warm home, clean water, hot water, lights!

After a week of madness. I am finally back on track. Stay safe this season everyone, I think it’s going to be a snowy winter!