Giving birth on stage- Performance Art?

So recently, in Brooklyn, a woman – Marni Kotak, 36 – gave birth to a baby boy inside the Microscope Gallery and deemed it “Performance Art”.

Hmm.  Is this art?

The birth was videotaped and will be part of an installation or performance at the gallery in the future. The artist Marni Kotak, had set up her gallery nursery since October..aniticipating the birth. She spoke to gallery attendees about motherhood and birth and invited them to the PUBLIC VIEWING. Approximately 15 people attended the event.

Soooo….what do you think? Art? or not art?

I have two views.

First –  I get it. It’s amazing, it expresses the power of the human body and the beauty of creation and birth. The power of women, the fragility of the moment. It’s an ART HAPPENING! Making this a life event evokes emotions and thoughts in the audience that would otherwise be restrained .

Second view – How intrusive for your child. This is a human being and you have violated the childs privacy from the very second the child has been born and I’m not digging that. I get it if you have invited a few close friends and family for the live birth, but to open this up to the general public?

Your thoughts on this. Would you give birth as performance art? Would you attend a live birth?