Chatting with Dr.Oz

I was invited to meet and chat with THE Dr. OZ recently. It was very exciting. This man was incredibly energetic, passionate and charismatic… all this aside from him being a VAULT of medical knowledge. I need a little Dr. Oz in my pocket all day! or a Dr. Oz app.

The episode I attended, airing NOVEMBER 7th,  is chalk full of weight loss information.

Get a sneak peek here–>

It covers weight loss through the decades – how your body loses and retains weight through you again, exercises to do to fight target areas and of course  Dr. OZ Transformation Nation – The Million Dollar YOU. Dr. OZ has teamed up with Weight Watchers and encourages viewers to lose 40 pounds by spring. AND… AND you could win ONE MILLION DOLLARS! HOLLA! You can get started with your COMPLIMENTARTY Dr. OZ Weigh-In at any Weight Watchers near you!

The show that airs Monday, November 7th also has some beauty secrets from India. (my native country) I was in the green room watching this show with Mira Jacobs – the deputy editor at BABBLE , who is also south Indian, and we loved all the tips that the beauty expert offered. Especially the one about massaging your hair with coconut oil. I have so many memories of my mom sitting me down and massaging coconut oil in my hair. She would then braid my hair tight … and I mean TIGHT and leave it in for a few days. I had not thought about those times in years, so it was such a treat to chat with Mira about our childhood rituals!

What I loved about Dr. OZ was the way he delivered this medical information, stripping it of all official lingo and making it very accessible to …me! 
Be sure to catch the episode on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7th.
After this show taped I had the opportunity to interview Dr. OZ and had a ton of questions for you. So keep it where ya got it …there is so much to report.  Stay tuned for PART 2 of my Dr. OZ. report. 
(Thanks to AMY OZTAN and One2One Network for this fab opp!)