With Family

My mom and Grandma came into town this week for a long stay and I love it.  Here in New York, I am so far away from my mom and grandmother who are in Florida and I wish we were closer.

Lily, especially, has been LOVING the time with her NANA.  Nana is the most important person in little Lily’s life. Nana, I call her Mama ( Mamma), is one of the most important persons in my life. She and my mother are my role models. I had great female figures growing up. Both my Mamma and Mom are strong intelligent women who have been through a lot and have taught me to be kind and generous and appreciate the arts and enjoy every moment. I only wish that you, dear reader, have encountered strength and inspiration like these women I call my Mother and Grandmother.

Lily and NANA spent the evening working on puzzles and adding stickers to Lily’s Sticker book.

Although if you see Lily, PLEASE do not tell her I told you this. She is very concerned about the authenticity of her Sticker Book. It has to be all her own work you know, with no help from anyone. But she so very much enjoyed NANA helping her. So MUMS the word on the sticker book ya heard!