My little Spider Witch was the belle of the “halloween ball” as the saying goes.

We had been without power the early part of this week and Monday our old house clocked in at 35 DEGREES. Brrrr rabbit that’s cold!  So Lily and I met some friends at the mall…who were also escaping their cold powerless homes.

That lost tooth really came in handy in completing the character of SPIDER WITCH! Lily of course loves the long hoop skirt dress and enjoyed all the attention she was getting from those around her. After the mall we met up with some friends in their neighbourhood and went Trick or Treating. Lily dodged snow piles and melted snow puddles to get her goods.

Halloween is one of those rare occasions when I look the other way when the candy consumption is underway. Why not right? I don’t let Lily have much candy…maybe 2 pieces a day. if even that.  Candy is also our “i’ll take that away if you don’t listen” card. So being able to eat AS MUCH AS SHE WANTS on Halloween is a super treat!

She ate about 6 pieces of candy and stopped because she “didn’t want her belly to hurt later”. What a sensible lily sweetpea!

Hope you had a safe and Happy Halloween!