This week

Happy Monday  WEEK Everyone!

This week I am overloaded with my “To Do” list. My Mom and Grandmother arrive next week for a two week stay and I STILL have not finished painting the dining room, the kitchen and mudroom.

Here is the madness of my week ahead  the rest of the week.

  • Monday – I am finishing up the painting of the dining room, although I probably won’t get it done.  DID NOT GET IT DONE!  Tackling laundry  Did not happen either,  working, making cookies with Lily  did not hapoen either and  going to an event for IVORY in NYC. did not make it… life !!!
  • Tuesday – I have to spend some quality time at the Indian Consulates office in NYC Ugh! and event for ..something. ( can’t remember)  Did not make it to the event, although I should have. Spent the day at the consulate to no avail. But a FAb lunch and good laugh with a good friend got me through the rest of the day!
  • Wednesday – I get to meet Dr. Oz! woot! and have lunch with my sis! and a plan to go to the MarcJacobs store in Greenwich Village to buy $35 skinny jeans. Also an Art event in the evening!  woot! I need more ART in my life!
  • Thursday – I get to cook with TOP CHEF Alum – Spike Mendelsohn and then back at Indian Consulate and then DANCE. DANCE and then a dinner date with one of my most fave peoples!
  • Friday– Work and then painting windows in our town with Lily and the Girl Scouts and then Stella McCartney Halloween Party in the Meat Packing District and Matt’s Birthday celebration!
  • Saturday HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!!!!
  • Sunday – Church , GODSPELL on broadway, Dinner at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem, Matt’s birthday celebrations!

I have to do all this AND… AAA NNN DDD get the house ready for guests!! Someone please send reinforcements!!!  yikes!