Home Improvements with LOWES and OLYMPIC ONE paint

OLYMPIC PAINT and LOWES have partnered with TheNewYorkMOM for this fab dining room makeover!
The whole house looks like a construction zone these days. We have an entire wall missing in the kitchen AND one of the bathrooms is getting tiled AND we decided to paint our dining room AND we are supposed to host a fall dinner this weekend with pumpkin carving AND my grandmother and mom arrive in 2 weeks for a visit!

oh yea… AND the sky is falling! the sky is falling!


Lily loves the painting process. Seconds after this picture was taken that tray of paint on the ladder next to Lily came crashing down on the drop cloth. Not fun!

Matt and I are DIYers. Not the best ones, but DIYers nonetheless. Lily is following right in our DIY footsteps. She is loving this whole painting project especially the parts when drips of paint fall on her head from me painting above her or her stepping in paint and then making imprints in the bathroom (not cool), or climbing on the ladder and singing gorgeous arias!

Jonah is in on the action as well. He is right in the middle of it. Seems like he too has the DIY fever!

Thanks to LOWES and OLYMPIC PAINT for supplying us with the super convenient Paint+ Primer in ONE. Makes my life SOO much easier. Project details coming soon!