Fall Leaf Luminaries – Recycled Craft

Leaves are falling,
Leaves are falling
on the ground
on the ground
run and try and catch them
run and try and catch them…
and make art!! 
There is certainly no shortage of leaves in our backyard this season. Lily and I love this time of year, the crisp evenings, the smell of fireplaces and the leaf piles to jump in! (we ignore the dog poop in the leaf piles, it’s a small price to pay for fall fun!)
Lily and I have a craft project that we tackle almost every single day. No joke ask anyone who comes to our home… crafts projects everywhere. Some awesome.. some not so awesome.
Last week we worked on Leaf luminaries for our front porch. 
Agian, a SUPER easy craft to do with your kids. It’s tangible, it’s creative and best of all it’s a recycled craft! Your costs are low low low for this awesome fab craft!
Here’s what you need:
  1. Leaves – all shapes and sizes ( FREE – just go outside)
  2. PAINT/ Brush – Any paint will do. We used acrylic paint and poster paint that are part of our ART STASH
  3. Brown Lunch bags- or any color paper lunch bags.
  4. Battery operated tea Lights ( Approx $6.99 for 12 at Target- these are MUCh safer that real tea lights with fire)

Step 1. Collect your supplies. Lily and Jonah went exploring in the backyard and collected a great sampling of leaves.

Step 2 – Take a brush or your finger and paint the under side of the leaf. Be careful not to leave any finger prints.

Step 3: Gently imprint the painted side of the leaf onto your brown bag.

* Make sure you press every single corner of the leaf onto the brown lunch bag so you get the perfect imprint.

Little fingers working hard!

Step 3- Gently peel your leaf of your brown lunch bag

Step 4 – Insert a battery operated tea light inside the bag and you are set!

What a sweet little welcome for your guests this season!