BEYONCE steals directly from Modern Dance

Ok we all know Beyoncé right, the “wholesome” pop star who has an alter ego on stage named Sasha Fierce who sells sex and nothing short there of.

Yes her songs have catchy one liners like – “Who runs the world GIRLS” and “My body’s too bootylicious for you” but don’t be fooled by her witty word play. He videos are chock full of barely there clothes and not much else. Not a very good example for “girl power” eh?

Had to get that off my chest.

Well B is all over the news lately for plagiarizing from Belgian dance artist Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Beyoncé claims that the video for her single Countdown was “inspired” by modern dance in Europe.

Let’s all take a good look at this spilt screen video that plays Beyoncé’s -Countdown and clips from Anne Keersmaeker’s pieces “Achterland” 1990 and “Rosas danst Rosas” 1983, and tell me what part of inspiration includes blatant STEALING!

Art, and dance in particular, is very hard to trademark or copyright. Sometimes artists “borrow” from another. This, of course, is not acceptable but it’s done and the persons doing the “borrowing” are not thought of highly. Most often dance plagiarism does not leave the dance community. But here we are! A major pop star steals from dance and thankfully this time she is being held accountable for it.

My advice to Beyoncé and other artists looking for “fresh”, “abstract” and “new” video styles. HIRE A CHOREOGRAPHER who does this work to begin with! Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker makes powerful work. I am a fan and would locate my own choreography in that downtown, abstract, movement installation style of work.

Apparently Beyoncé and her team are often “inspired” by work of other artists.

The New York Times reported – Beyoncé was accused of borrowing dance moves earlier this year, after some of the choreography for her performance of “Run the World (Girls)” at the Billboard Music awards in May appeared to be taken from a dance by Lorella Cuccarini. She later acknowledged that Cuccarini had inspired her.

Read the full NYTIMES article here —> Beyoncé Accused of Plagiarism Over Video

I am glad that Ms. De Keersmaeker is taking this matter to court.

In a letter posted on Studio Brussel’s Web site on Monday, Ms. De Keersmaeker, who has been a major force in contemporary dance for three decades, said: “Beyoncé is not the worst copycat; she sings and dances very well, and she has a good taste! On the other hand, there are protocols and consequences to such actions, and I can’t imagine she and her team are not aware of it.” – VIA NewYorkTIMES

Plagiarism is wrong people. Don’t do it. Respect the art that others create… be INSPIRED… and then go out and create your own original work!