Halloween Craft – Glitter Skulls

This year Lily has shown an interest in halloween decorations. I am not much of a halloweener so you can imagine my lack of enthusiasm. Of course I wasn’t going to crush my kids dreams of a haunted house with “friendly ghosts” and “oooooooo” noises, so I came up with a plan. GLITTER! Let’s put some glitter on this whole Halloween thing and call it a holiday!

We have glittered all kinds of gorey things over here. Eyeballs, bones and skulls. In the words of the  musician  pop spectacle  Ke$ha – Go insane, Go insane, Throw some Glitter make it rain!

Coming up… Glitter skulls.

This is a totally easy craft to do with kids and truthfully I loved it as well. As you see in the above image, it’s my very sad attempt at giving the skull a gold tooth. You can see it if you tilt your head and blur your eyes! 

Here is how you make one of these glitter skulled gems:

  • Paper Mache Skull from Michaels Arts and Crafts – $1.50
  • Glitter – Free thanks to my friend Sarah.
  • Glue- Free thanks to my friend Sarah. ( both glue and glitter can be found at craft stores and Target and pretty much anywhere)
I recommend putting down some paper on your work surface. This will help you with clean up but you can also salvage the glitter that falls off your skull and reuse it.
Step 1:
Apply glue to your skull. Work in small sections because the glue will dry before the glitter catches up to it.
Step 2:
Add glitter. Make sure to sprinkle generously. Remember you have your skull on a scrap paper to catch all the glitter for reuse. So go for it!
Step 3:
More Glue, More Glitter.
And there ya go! Glitter skulls for Halloween!
It’s the perfect halloween craft.  A little bit of scare with a lot of glitter!
Happy Halloween All!