Chasing Butteflies

I’ve been stressing lately. My dance life is in transition, my laundry has piled up, I have BLACK MOLD in my home, I’m hosting family in the month of November and for Christmas,  I’m behind on reviews and posts on this blog, I have gained weight that I need to drop ASAP, I need direction in life… and all that JAZZ! BLEH!

Lily and her adventures always seem to put things into perspective for me.  She had a 4 day weekend recently and I spent time stressing over making the 4 days productive and fun, yet educational, and inspiring and  how in the world am I going to entertain her! 

I know… bad mommy moment, but tis the reality.

We have a gorgeous BUDDLEJA – AKA- Butterfly Bush in our yard, which attracts dozens of butterflies,  and one afternoon we counted 12 MONARCH BUTTERFLIES! As I sat there watching Lily chase after butterflies for an entire afternoon, I felt myself truly enjoying the moment. All my stresses just took a hiatus for a few hours and I was absolutely indulging in the NOW.

What a great way to spend the afternoon. Honestly, these times of chasing butterflies and catching them and standing under the glorious FALL sun is what memories are made of.

Kids are amazing that way, they find a way to get us to LIVE IN THE MOMENT – as much as we are constantly teaching and guiding them as they grow up , they, in turn teach us valuable life lessons that have long been lost to age and synicism.

I encourage you to LIVE IN THE MOMENT and spend a glorious afternoon chasing butterflies this fall!