Ann Taylor Gets an Update!

Ann Taylor is getting a whole new look ladies… just in time for fall.  This is NOT your mama’s store any more and if you havn’t considered picking up a few fall must haves from Ann Taylor, I would think again. I found some great pieces that are affordable and classic and trendy!

Last week Ann Taylor held an event at the Westchester mall {an event in the burbs, finally!} where Andrew Taylor { no relation the Ann Taylor} the public relations director, unveiled the new look. Complete with luxurious chandeliers to  tufted furniture and a runway of mannequins, this Ann Taylor store had a whole new look.

Here is Andrew telling us the TOP 5 FAB changes to Ann Taylor Stores.

Ann Taylor shops have changed their “mall retail store” feel to create a boutique, intimate, warm and comfortable shopping space.

the fab Beth Feldman @rolemommy

Designed by Russel Groves Artchitects, the new ANN TAYLOR stores almost feel like someone stylish contemporary home.

The dressing rooms have been revamped with a large lounge area with multichannel touch screens where shoppers can easily find inspiration for outfits or products.

The new Ann Taylor stores host “shops within a shop” –  Suit Shop, Casual Shop, and Accessories Shop – keeping in theme with the boutique feel.

My mom is a huge fan of Ann Taylor. I worked at Ann Taylor during my college years and can tell you the quality is great!  The clothes are timeless  and the attention to detail is always classic and crisp.

The new Ann Taylor has not let go of the beautiful cuts and details nor has the brand let go of the classic styles. They have just included new designs and dare I say… YOUNGER looks.

The very stylish LUCK SYKES was on hand to talk to us about the fall collection and giving us tips on how to pair the pieces together. Lucy is a fab gal around the fashion scene in NYC and LONDON.

And how awesome when she totally recognized lil ole ME from NY Fashion Week!

The Camel cape coat that Lucy is wearing is gorgeous! and one of my favs for the fall season!

I encourage you to head over to ANN TAYLOR and check out the new look. Lot’s of new goodies in store!