HEXBUG Robotic Spider

Lily received a HEXBUG ROBOTIC SPIDER this week.  She LOVES it!{and so do I!}

I have been a fan of the HEXBUGs for about a year now. Last year at some faboosh event in NYC, I received a HEXBUG set as swag – goodie bag. Ever since I have been hooked! Lily and I both love this toy.

Last week at the TIME TO PLAY event in NYC, the fine folks over at the HEXBUG booth gave all the attendees a SPIDER.

The HEXBUG ROBOTIC SPIDER, which retails for $24.99 and comes is a variety of colors,  is nothing short of AWESOME! With a rotating head that turns a full 360 degrees and a 2 IR channel remote that allows the thing to move in any direction, the HEXBUG SPIDER is a total hit in this house!  Lily tore into the toy as soon as I gave it to her and figured out how to fully utilize it within seconds! Super simple to use!

HEXBUG ROBOTIC SPIDER is durable, with a long battery life and can crawl / walk on carpet or flat surfaces.  AAAANd… this toy bought me a good 20 minutes of “work” time!  *working mom bonus* { you mama’s know what I mean}

Want to see the thing in action… Check out my video of Lily + Jonah + Hexbug.… it’s an absolute MUST this holiday season!