Social Good Summit 2011

I spent this past week at the SOCIAL GOOD SUMMIT in NYC. Organized by MASHABLE and the 92nd Street Y- the Social Good Summit brings todays most inspiring and relevant leaders and discusses ways in which new media can help with the challenges in the world. Partnering with the United Nations, the summit brought together people, resources and ideas to effect social change!

The first day of the summit focused largely on young people and media. How younger generations can make a change in the world. The whole day was inspiring but… BOY! did I feel old! (early 30’s)

But then again, I do recall a recent conversation with former President Bill Clinton where he said, “Oh you’re not old. You’re just starting your life.”  That dialogue comes in handy often!

The second day focused on Womens issues especially women’s health. I was moved by the 3:30 session – Women and Girls lead : Where Storytelling, gaming and public media Converge. The panel included-  Academy Award Winning-Actor, Geena Davis @GDIGM , Paula Kerger, President and CEO of PBS @PaulaKerger , Abigail Disney, Executive Producer of Women, War, War & Peace @WomenWarPeace and Asi Burak, Co-president of Games of Change @ABurak , moderated by Aaron Sherinian, Vice President of Communications and Public Relations of the United Nations Foundation @ASherinian

Pete Cashmore - founder of Mashable and President of the UN

Paula Kerger @paulakerger President/CEO of @PBS the importance of  Female roles in kid programs. The power of the female figure on TV and the positive effect this has on young minds. She also talked about PBS commitment to this change.

Abigail Disney, Executive Producer of Women, War, War &Peace @WomenWarPeace – Spoke about the effect war has on women specifically. Women are the ones who are left without a spouse and have to deal with the loss of their families all alone and unsupported. She primamrily focused on women outside the U.S.

These women are often times uneducated and are in cultural environments where A women’s sole worth is based on her family. Women are the first in the family structure to be effected by war as they struggle to keep their families safe  and together and are left lost and alone after losing family members to war.

Sexual crimes are very common in war and women are targeted and subjected to devastating sexual and personal violence all for political agenda some are forced to turn to prostitution just to support the remaining members of their family. The emotional toll this has is unaddressed.

For information on this topic please visit ->

Actress Geena Davis spoke on empowering girls and the focus on positive female role models in media and in real life. Her question – “When are we going to get over the idea that it’s shocking that women can do things?” was met with raucous applause. Visit —> for more info.


Randi Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO, R to Z Media @RandiZuckerberg and Mandy Moore, Ambassador, PSI @TheMandyMoore , @Ashong

Actress Mandy Moore spoke about the positive effect the NOTHING BUT NETS campaign has had on helping end malaria in Africa. The Nothing but nets campaign is a grassroots  global organization, partnered with the UN Foundation,  that brings awareness and funding to help stop malaria in Africa. $10 will buy an insecticide-treated bed net that gets distributed in Africa to help fight the spread of Malaria.

One mosquito net can fit a family of four within. Watch Mandy Moore and derrick Ashong tell us more…


  • Every 45 seconds a child dies of malaria
  • malaria is a bigger killer than AIDS
  • Malaria kills nearly ONE MILLION people per year
  • 90% of that ONE MILLION are children in Africa
Randi Zuckerburg said, ” We are soooo close to ending malaria in the next 5 years” AMAZING!
PLease visit —> for more info and how to get involved.
My week was full of inspiration. It also made me realize over and over again how truly blessed I am to have my family safe, healthy and have Lily surrounded by role models in her real life who she learns from daily.
Be thankful for all you have folks. There are waaaay too many people in the world who don’t have a fraction of what you do.
I encourage every one of my readers to take a step toward making a change in your worlds. Maybe you can volunteer at a local community center, maybe you can contribute $10 to Nothing But Nets, how about visiting an elderly neighbour with a batch of freshly bakes cookies… so many things in your immediate environment that can add up to big changes in the lives of others.