Must Have iphone APP – FOODUCATE

First of all I have not been promoted in any way to write about this app. I just want to spread the news about my latest obsession.

As I was browsing through the app store on my iphone, I came across FOODUCATE

FOODCATE is an app that analyzes all the information found in a food product at the grocery store. All I have to do is scan the bar code of a food item and the app evaluates the product for me.

What an amazing app. It’s like having my own private dietitian in my pocket all day everywhere I go!

The app uses a grading scale for evaluations.

It also gives you info about stuff that the food product manufactures don’t want you to know.  Things like  – trans fats, and sugar dosage, and controversial food related additives. As you see above, I scanned a bag of Wheat Thins Toasted Chips which received a grade of  C- from FOODUCATE. Why? – Because of the artificial food colors and the fact that it’s made from refined flours NOT whole grain! I never knew that!!!

Fooducate also gives FoodPoint values for the food you scan. Good for dieters.

The app provides recommendations of other similar products you can try that are graded higher. So easy and so fun! Lily loves this app as well. She has been scanning everything in sight. I’m going to have her separate the A and B foods from the C and D foods this weekend!

In the end… everything in moderating right. But a little dietician help never hurt anyone. You can get FOODUCATE at the APP store for FREE!!!