D.I.Y. – Fall Wreath

Fall is almost here folks. It’s my favorite time of year! Lily and I are getting ready for our fall crafts.

Over the weekend we made a gorgeous Fall wreath to welcome the season.

I found my materials at the DollarTree Store. This is a no fuss simple project and you get to use a glue gun.. how fun!

Materials you need:

  • Wicker wreath $1
  • Packet of 50 cloth leaves $1 – or find a leafy garland and deconstruct!
  • Glue gun or super glue
  • Pine cone or other little goodie for embelishment (optional)

Get your supplies ready.

This was Lily’s first time using a glue gun. She was very careful and did very well. Her obession with the glue gun has officially begun!

Glue your leaves one at a time on the wicker circle wreath. Feel free to change the direction of the leaves as you glue them down. This adds to the natural look of the wreath.

I found a cinnamon scented pine cone from last christmas and glued that on to our wreath.


So easy, so fun and Lily loved this project. We’re going to make a few more as gifts for our friends in town and maybe even Lily’s teacher!