Verizon DROID 3 – REVIEW

The fine folks over at verizon sent over the DROID 3 for me to test out. After a few days of playing around with it, I passed the phone along to my friend and NewYorkMom contributor Jonelle Brown who tested the phone for 3 weeks. JOnelle had a grand ole time testing out the phone. I especially loved hearign about her fun times with the Karaoke App she downloaded from the APP store. Please read her review of the phone below.

Guest writer – Jonelle Brown

I was testing out the new Droid phone from Verizon for a few weeks and it has some really cool features and some slightly annoying qualities. First off, the good.
  • The large screen is really clear and the colors are vibrant! And the glass of the touchscreen is really smooth, fairly scratch resistant, and wipes clean easily.
  • I love all the apps. My current BlackBerry doesn’t offer as many fun apps as the Droid, so I was excited to have “Angry Birds” and “Scrabble” on my phone. One of my favorite apps is the “Andriod Karaoke” app, which loads karaoke videos from either Youtube or the web browser, and gives you instant karaoke! The song selection is fairly decent, with some recent popular songs, and the sound quality is strong, as well. One drawback is that the videos tend to take a while to load. Also, if a song is paused for too long, the phone goes idle (more on that in a bit).
  • Google Search is extremely helpful in a pinch! And I love that the QWERTY keyboard pops up automatically. (This is the case for all features which require typing.) The fact that there’s also a slideout keyboard behind the screen is a really nice feature, especially when the touchscreen is being slightly tempermental.
  • The Facebook feature is really easy to use, and navigating is easy with the different menus available.
  • Twitter is also really great. The app is very similar to using the program on a regular computer, so it’s easily adaptable.
  • I had a slightly more difficult time with Tumblr. While I could view posts from other people, I could not seem to successfully upload my own pictures and links.
  • The camera took really vibrant pictures, but I sometimes had trouble physically taking the picture. The shutter wouldn’t click, or possibly didn’t feel my finger press against the touchscreen.
  • As mentioned above, the phone seemed to go idle fairly quickly, which was annoying when you only put the phone down for a moment, and had to unlock the screen again.
  • Also, the back of the phone gets really warm (almost hot) when in use.
  • This might have something to do with the phone getting warm or going idle so quickly, but the battery life isn’t very long. If I used the phone quite regularly during a particular day, I would definitely have to charge it later that day; there were a few times when I saw a red blinking “low battery” warning.
Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the Droid, especially the fun applications. I just wish there was a solution the the battery life, the overheating, and the idle time.
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