Preparing for 1st Grade

So here we are once again.

Back to school.

Lily started 1st grade today. She’s 6.5 years old and if you ask her, she will never let you miss the .5 part of her age.

Lily is into everything more than ever. She dismantles entire brick fire pits and takes apart those little electric tea light so she can create her own machines that  do all sorts of things. I love it. I love her and I love being able to share her imaginative life.

1st grade is exciting. You have a number to your grade and Lily’s teacher is apparently a fab person who is strict and encourages reading like no other.  We win!

Although excited, Lily is a bit anxious about starting the 1st grade. Out of the 18 kids in her class she knows 2. Her bestie is not in her class and that whole “big kid” grade thing is making her nervous. Last nightLily picked out a few books for us to read during bedtime. among them…


If you have not heard of these books, I suggest you get them ASAP!

SPLAT THE CAT is about…well Splat the Cat who is nervous about his first day of ‘CAT SCHOOL”

And the KISSING HAND – this is a classic book about childhood school anxiety. In the book, Chester the Racoon is nervous about his first day of school and his mom kisses the palm of his hand to remind him of her … thus the kissing hand. This helps Chester remember that no matter where he is all he has to do is keep his kissing hand close to his heart and remember ,
“Mommy loves me, Mommy loves me”.

 Lily loves this book and often times has us give her a kissing hand during bedtime, when she’s with the sitter..etc

This morning she said she wanted to read the books when she got back from school…1st grade… to compare notes!