Lets go back to school with CROCS!

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Oh My Goodness Gracious!!! We are at the end of summer over here and Lily heads back to school in one week!!! When did summer slip away so fast!

Lily is thrilled about being a 1st grader. She feels grown up, her grade is a number now and not a huge long word

( AKA – K I N D E R G A R T E N )

Matt and I  been excited about taking her back to school shopping. It’s great to hear her input. When we all go shopping together I have loved observing Lily come into her own sense of style and trying to figure out her sense of self.

If you have a 6.5 year old, you know that they grow like little sprouts… overnight! And my Lily is no exception. She goes through clothes pretty quick and I can never figure out her correct size. For example I just discovered the size 6X – that’s for the kids who are in between a size 6 and 7… and I have been buying size 7 which is waaay to big for Lily. So many rules with back to shopping for this age range!

Here is my Back to School Shopping game plan:

  • First sort through your kids clothes and see what fits. ( Lily loves this part, she gets to put on a mini fashion show)
  • Donate what does not fit to charity or pass it down to a friend
NEXT – Shopping
  • I spread the back the school shopping out over a whole month.
  • I usually buy clothes on sale for Lily. She outgrows it so fast! ( Although there is the occassional full price indulge!)
  • Make a list of what she needs. Up here in New York I think about the fall and winter season before buying. Don’t buy summer clearance items for the school year, you won’t get much wear out of it.  ( *tip – I buy summer clearance clothes for next summer)
  • Shoes are a whole new ball game!
  • I look for arch support and durability when purchasing shoes. Arch support is key! Especially for these developmental ages. Arch support helps with proper back alignment and posture and helps correct pronation or supination of the foot.
This is where CROCS come in – Lily has the CROCS Mary Janes which take her from Summer right into fall and then again Spring. We love them and yes they do have arch support!
  • The Crocs Back to School kids’ line are school-approved on the outside (because they’re close-toed and close-heeled), but have the same comfort in the inside
  • 13 new styles for boys and girls from K-8
I love these for Lily:
Check out this fun video from the folks at CROCS…
** P.S. –  Try to find the hidden Easter Egg within the video, click on it and see what happens! Here’s a photo hint:
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Please share some of your back to school shopping tips and tricks with me!
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