Hurricane Irene -Part 2

Hurricane Irene stopped by for a visit last weekend.

I spent the weekend with my family and played baseball and flew kites and played Cranium and went on long bike rides and drank lots of wine. It ended up being a great time with my loved ones.

We were the lucky ones. My prayers go out to all the folks who are flooded and without power and lost pets and loved ones during this hurricane.

I’m from Florida… hurricane season is no joke and I experienced two very intense hurricanes when growing up and was without power for 10 days and could not leave the house as the roads were destroyed…etc.

During one particularly devastating hurricane, my sis and I built an amazing victorian doll house from scratch. It was one of those kits you get at the hobby store. We glued every single shingle and painted every window panel all in candle light. My mom never let us stress hurricane season. We made the best of it and had fun!

During Hurricane Irene, we lost power for about 3 days and all the food in my refrigerator rotted and trees were down and there was a ton of flooding people in our hood are STILL without power!

The Hurricane came through our town about 9am right after there was calm and I got on my bike and went around to take pics.

I am thanking GOD that we had no damage to our house or cars or bodies!

I have to say a BIG thanks to CON EDISON – the local power company and VERIZON for working 24hrs a day to get  us power. ConEd has been giving away free dry ice to all residents everyday since the hurricane hit. THANKS!!!