Back to School with SNAPFISH

We have not started school here in New York. Lily goes back after Labor Day. While we are still dragging out or last few days of summer, the reminders of school are all around.

Lily received her class list yesterday and we have the schedule for the full school year of parent meetings and parties and events. My Google calendar is in OVERDRIVE!!! We are spending the week doing the last bits of school shopping. between lunchbox options and backpack options… there’s a wide array of designs to choose from.

Along come the good folks over at SNAPFISH and say, “Why don’t you personalize your back to school gear

Who knew!!

To get you ready and organized for school SNAPFISH has lots of fun goodies to help you and your kids personalize their school gear using their imagination and creativity!

I love this little notepad. What an easy way to send notes to the teachers.

“From Lily’s Mom”…

You can also personalize lunchboxes which are  available from Snapfish’s partner Frecklebox. Each box has a small chalkboard where you leave little messages for your monkeys!  Available for $29.95 each on and coming soon to Snapfish.

One of my fave products are the photo skins!

Add some pizazz to your tech gear – Camera, iPod, iPad, iPhone, laptops and more by creating personalized skins.It’s so easy, all you have to do it choose any photo from your SNAPFISH account to make your gear distinctly yours!

Check out SKIN IT here—>

For more back to school ideas, visit the back-to-school Snapfish store.

*Disclosure* – This was a paid post. I was compensated for my review. All opinions expressed are my own. As you know, I never review products I don’t believe in or personally use. *