recycled craft – Nature Suncatcher

I am loving the slightly cooler weather here in New York lately. Lily, Jonah and I have been playing outside as much as we can.

This afternoon we noticed how gorgeous the sun light looked as it peeked over at us through the trees. Lily was holding up her collection of vases to the sunlight and was commenting on how beautiful the flowers looked through the water when held up to the light.

We had an idea. A suncatcher! Why not.

So off we set to collect our flowers and leaves. I picked up some cardboard from the recycling bin and we got to crafting.

To make your own Nature Suncatcher you will need:

  • Scissors or a Box Cutter
  • Cardboard
  • Contact Paper
  • Natures goodies – leaves, sticks, flowers..etc
We started out with our cardboard shipping envelope.
Next I cut out a rectangle frame type space.
Measure your contact paper and stick it on to one side of the frame you just created.
and grab your nature goodies and get to work.
Stick your petals and leaves anywhere and everywhere you want on the sticky side of the contact paper.
Once you are satisfied with your creating hold it up to the sun and enjoy!!
This is such a fun project to do. It costs practically nothing! I bought my contact paper for a $1 at a local drugstore and found the cardboard in my recycling box.
Happy Crafting all!