Take your kid to work

With Lily being home all summer and me having to make dances all over NYC, I have had no choice but to bring her with me… sometimes

Most times we had a babysitter or Matt was able to take Lily during evening rehearsals. I did love having her at rehearsal, she is usually great unless we hit the witching hour and that’s when it all starts to fall apart and with limited time to rehearse with dancers and producers and directors … mama gets kinda stressed!

I have been working on a ton of commercial work lately. Although I would looove to make my own work, funding is low for the arts right now and me not being employed full-time I just can’t fund my dance projects and pay my dancers and pay for rehearsal space and theatre space and costumes and insurance… you get the idea. So I am fortunate to have the commercial dance choreographing work fill my dance void!

Lily was with me for a rehearsal at the 92nd StreetY in NYC and certainly made herself comfy and got her dance on!

In the end, it’s great for Lily to be exposed to the process of making art. I see her movement vocabulary change every day and her movement invention is really amazing for a 6-year-old. In my rehearsals she’s exposed to creative content, and concepts and patterns and problem solving and just plain ole good dance. I do love that my kid is the “artsy” kid but a “for real” artsy kid! I can’t wait to see how this exposure to the creative process of dance , art , film, design and music is going to influence Lily when she gets older.

In Kindergarten, her teacher always told us about her attention for detail in art. She would spend time carefully perfecting every detail of her creations. Yea!