Summer Jammin – KidzBop

The folks over at KIDZ BOP  sent Lily a couple CD’s this summer. And she has not stopped playing them. If you are not familiar with Kidz Bopand you have a kid, you might be missing out big time.

Lily likes listening to pop music, although her taste is more like Matt’s – jazz and classical and world sounds. She likes “music with no words” so she can make up words and interpret the music the way she wants to. I find this pretty awesome for a 6 year old.

This past year in Gym class she was exposed to a lot popular radio music and If I have to ” put my hands up in the air” one more time.. I’m gonna say ‘EEEYO” ( tee- Hee)

A lot our favorite artists have lyrics that are not quite appropriate for a 6 year old. So in comes Kidz Bop to save the day! The lyrics are clean and the songs are all sung by talented mini versions of the original artists.

Lily loves it + I love that I don’t have to explain a lyric midway through a song = we all win.

The new Kidz Bop came out July 19th and you should pick it up!  With songs like Lady Gaga-  Born this Way and Adele- Rolling in the deep, It’s a great album for you + kiddo!

*I was not paid for this review. The album was sent to me for review by the company and I liked the album and wanted to share my thoughts. All opinions are mine and that of the THE NEW YORK MOM fam! *