FIRST Swim Meet

Lily had her FIRST Swim Meet this evening. It was the cutest thing ever.

Lily when you get older and read this — You were such a Champ. You had such heart and your entire team was rooting for you. Your coaches love you and your crazy lizard eye goggles have become your brand!

Today you won 2nd PLACE in the backstroke. This was quite the event, when you see the video of your back stroke race you will see that you started later than anyone else +  did not realize it was the back stroke +  didn’t know how to push off the platform + you just kicked your little legs as fast as you could +  all your coaches cheered you on +  you won 2nd place! out of 6. 

In the Freestyle Race you won 5th out of 6th… again legs were kicking and you were awesome! You did not care, you had a blast!

I love you Lily, I love your tenacity and your fearlessness. I love you and I love that you just enjoy your life!

And congrats on the big win!