We are off on vacation today! This trip is truly the ALL AMERICAN ADVENTURE.

On our itenirary is Phoenix, AZ – Grand Canyon – Palm Springs – Los Angeles and finally DISNEYLAND!

Lily is thrilled! she gets to see her cousins and gets to go on this wild west adventure to lands she has never seen. Her little mind is full of images of what this new land is going to be like. She asked us about the kinds of bugs and animals in Phoenix, AZ and Grand Canyon and we told her about Scorpions. After a few minutes of panic and nervous energy and trying to convince herself she will OK with the scorpions – because Matt and I will be by her side to protect – and yes I do have hidden ninja skills that have never been unleashed, she calmed down.

I realized the only scorpions she has ever seen were from the movie  CLASH OF THE TITANS so her fear was absolutely justified!

If you have not seen the scorpians from CLASH OF THE TITANS, they are huge! If there exisited in the land of the GODZILLAS – the GODZILLAS would be pets of the scorpians.

Well we did convince Lily that the scorpians were not going to be monstorous. and that they are the size slugs she finds in the back yard – she finds large slugs. She has calmed…sorta.

So here’s to our Summer Adventure! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!