Cube Dog iPhone App – REVIEW

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I absolutely love my iPhone. I have the iPhone 4 and just can’t imagine how I possibly managed without it. My only wish… I wish the iPhone did laundry!  PLEASE Steve Jobs… help me out here!

One of the best parts of the iPhone are all the wonderous apps you can install. I especially love the kid friendly apps and have several on my phone.

The Cube Dog app,  available on iTunes now and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch 4 with camera, is a fun little app that is sure to keep your little ones entertained.  Lily loved creating her very own unique Cube Dog by selecting various colors and parts.

She named her dog LILA.

The app also features full 3D graphics  and high quality animations  which rotate and zoom.

My favortie feature is the photos that you can take with the LILA.

The camera function works just like your iPhone or iPad camera options.

Here is LILA with my Beast- JONAH

(Screen Shot to help you get a sense of the app)

Once we created LILA, we were able to pet her and she reacted with giggles and rolling over. But at one point when Lily petted her,  LILA was extra excited and this just made Lily’s day!

While this  app is pretty fab and definetly keeps Lily – 6 years old- entertained for short burts of time, it certainly has room for improvement . The free version does not sell me on purchasing the upgrade – which offers more animations but not too much with interaction.

 The creators of Cube Dog have promised more animations and fun features and I hope they take my suggestions into consideration.

My suggestions:

  • Let’s the players earn  ‘treats for the dog by doing tasks like, feeding and bathing and petting the dog.
  • I would LOOOOOOVE if there were a healthy component to this where the player takes the dog  on a walk and a built in pedometer  tracks the players activity level for the day  thus earning the  player  “treats’ or points for their activity.  *please do this if you can* what a great way for kids to get active! 
  • More interaction with the Fetch and Phone-call features.
  • Maybe a parent can record a message that will play in “dog voice” when LILA calls us.( phone feature)
  • How about a shopping trip for LILA – again, we earn “treats” when we accomplish tasks.
  • Spelling games, and math with LILA would be helpful.
  • There is a HUGE educational component that can be just amazing and effective with this app. I am looking forward to more from this company.
Overall, I HIGHLY recommend getting the free app. You child is going to love it! …and secretly I kinda loved it too. Although Jonah, my St. Bernard, was not having it!
Check out this video for more about Cube Dog.

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