New York City Bike Ride

My Friend Meryl and I went PLANKING all through NYC last week. I have been wanting to ride my bike through NYC for years now and have never committed. Last Friday, I committed and Meryl and I went off on our adventure!

We started off on the East Side and decided to ride down the east river pathway.

It was a gorgeous day in New York City with the wind and sun riding along with us.

The flowers were in bloom and sky was blue…what more could you ask for!

The East Side on Manhattan is under construction to make for better pathways. So we had to ask for directions on the best way to get across the island. It was s shame we couldn’t go to lower manhattan because my friend Laura who lives in the financial district had offered to make us refreshing beverages and lunch! Next time Laura!

I have to say, the NYPD was very helpful and we should have PLANKED on them. Would have made for an epic image. Next time!

 We cut across the island and headed to Central Park.

Driving in traffic across central park…was pretty risky!

Central Park West has a fantastic bike path that takes you right in front of the museums all along central Park which I found very safe to ride on. Highly recommended!

Cutting through Manhattan was awesome, exhilirating, dangerous and just plain fun! Bikes have to ride with traffic and NOT on sidewalks so dodging through cars and trucks was a sport in itself!

Always wear your helmet! For kids under 13 it is the LAW and the NYC  DOT is giving away FREE helmets with fittings. Visit them—>  here

When we finally made it to central park aaaand  back to PLANKING.

We stopped off at a cafe for a salad and beer… salad for the nutrition and beer for the carbs!

And that was my fun awesome day riding my bike in NYC! I am itchng to ride down the West Side. Planning that in a few weeks.

Before you go of on a ride through New York City, here are some rules to help you out.

  1. Say No to SIDEWALKS: DO NOT ride your bike on the sidewalks.This for pedestrians only and can be very dangerous! You could get a ticket.
  2. Go with the flow: Ride in the direction of traffic flow. remember you and your bike are a vehicle. Most times you can find a bike path so stay on that.
  3. Crosswalks are for walking: Do not ride your bike on crosswalks when going across street. again, that is only for pedestrains and you and your bike are a vehicle.
  4. Golden Rule: Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.
  5. Stop and smell the roses: Stop at red lights. It’s safer and you can check out the scenery for a few mins.
  6. Ring Ring: Get yourself a bell or a horn so you can alert people or cars when you need to. Shouting is not going to work… it’s NYC it’s loud!
  7. Helmet Hair: While it’s not illegal to not have a helmet, you must! trust me its pretty fun to ride your bike through NYC but dangerous as well. Keep your head safe.
  8. DUI: Yes you can get arrested if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while riding your bike. So no drinking and driving ya heard!
  9. Be Seen: Wear bright clothing for daytime rides and at night make sure you  have reflectors and lights  on your bike.
For more rules and regulations about Biking in New York City please go here—> BIKE RULES FOR NEW YORK CITY

Happy Biking everyone and stay tuned for my part two when I bike down the West Side of new York City!