My confession is.. I DONT LIKE DESSERT.* GASP*!

Yes it’s true . I am not a fan of dessert. I like cheese. All kinds of cheese – Allgauer EmmentalerBoursinBrie de MeauxStinking Bishop .. all of it!
…and when at dinner I always opt for the fine cheese sampler with a nice glass of port  for my dessert option.

 Lily and I were at our local starbucks one morning and the barista gave her a CAKE-POP. A cake wha?

It’s a Cakepop… like a lollipop but cake.

It was yum. It was  the new thing at Starbucks and the barista was giving them away GRATIS. You get a cake-pop and you get a cake-pop and you ALL get a cake-pop.

I wasn’t a fan of the icing but Lily loved it and my mommy brain went into health mode.

A cake-pop – smaller than a slice of cake + fewer calories + less sugar + small serving and STILL packs in the sugar craving punch for the 6 year old monkey! = It’s a win!

So I researched how to make these mini delights and VOILA!

At Kohls… Babycakes Cake-POP maker for a smooth $24.99