Spring colors

My yoga teacher talked about spring and the abundance of life during this season. New Life, shedding of old skin and coming out of hibernation.

The Earth is alive and it makes ME feel alive. Those dreary days of winter are behind me and all I see are sunny days ahead!

Black Widow Tulips

Our windows are open and light is just pouring in through every pane of glass.

Just as the plants  lean toward the light to grow and flourish, the early morning sunlight awakens me to a new day every morning.

I have been naturally waking up a good hour earlier lately. Getting a head start to my day and enjoying the early  silence.

Our garden is in full bloom , the birds have come back to the feeders and the sounds of spring surround us every moment. I encourage you to take a minute to just close your eyes and take in the sounds and scents of spring!

Happy Spring all!