What I REALLY want for Mothers Day

Well since you asked….

Of course the usual BREAKFAST IN BED and FLOWERS and PEACE and HEALTHY FAMILY stuff is on top of my list.

But what do I really …like for realz..like for really real…like down and dirty really want?

I am pretty sure most the mommies I know would want the same thing.

Here is my little list, take it or leave it, or ignore it…

  • I want a FULL day at the spa. Like walk in at 11am and  be handed a glass of CHAMPAGNE and go from FACIAL to SEAWEED SOAK to fancy MACROBIOTIC LUNCH to WATER CLEANSE  to MINERAL SCRUB to  long HOT STONE MASSAGE followed by a SWEDISH MASSAGE!
  • A full-time HAIR DRESSER. So that the second I get out of the shower my hair dresser would fix my hair and I would look fab all the time.
  • A CLEAN HOUSE. I would love to have a super clean house. A shiny- sparkling- white- curtains -blowing- in- the- wind kinda clean house.   I am so very  fortunate to live in a house built in 1871 , gorgeous Victorian that is on the National Register of Historic Homes and yet I cannot live up to its expectations. I have done this house wrong!

That’s it.  My for reallz list.