Easter Upcycled Craft- Mini Easter Baskets

Lily and I made these little baskets last year and decided to bring them back this Easter. They are such an easy craft and the little ones will love the tangible steps and the end result is really cute. The best part is that they are made from mainly recycled materials!

We are using them as place cards for Easter Dinner.

Here is how you too can make these super cute up-cycled mini easter baskets.

Get all your supplies-

Scissors, glue, paint, glitter, cardboard egg carton, heavy magazine or greeting card paper, awl, brads and tissue paper.

-Cut your cardboard egg carton into small cup like shapes.

– Paint or glitter or glue tissue paper to your cups. leave them to dry.

– With your AWL or some sort of similar tool, make a small hole on opposite sides of the glitterfied or painted cup.

– Cut your scrap paper, magazine or greeting card in to strips. Poke a hole on the end of your strip and attach it to the cup with a brad. I like to attach it on the inside of the cup.

– Fill with jelly beans and you are done!

Alright… now go out and create!