MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay – Freezer paper printing

I love printing and am so excited to share yet another super simple technique with you!

Freezer Paper Printing.

Freezer paper is great for creating stencils. you can run it through an inkjet printer, and then with a craft knife cut out your image. Freezer paper has a nice thick weight to it, it’s sort of waxy on one site and butcher paper like on the other. You can also free hand an original image if you would like. I like to work with creating my own images… makes it personal.

I had the hardest time finding freezer paper but finally found some at a local ethnic grocery store.

Let’s get started:

Your supplies are – Freezer paper * T-shirt * fabric paint or acrylic paint* sponge brush * iron* craft knife and cutting mat.

–> Lay a piece of freezer paper on the cutting mat and create your image on the butcher paper side of the paper. NOT THE WAXY SIDE.  I hand drew this bird. I have this crazy obsession with birds! Next with your craft knife carefully cut out all the negative space – space you want to print.

–> Place your freezer paper, waxy side down,  on your printing surface, I am making a t-shirt for Lily. Gently iron the paper onto the surface. just monitor the iron to make sure it’s not burning the paper. I use a medium setting.

–> Take your sponge brush and DAB -NOT BRUSH your paint on the negative space.  I did two coats. I recommend letting the paint dry in between coats. Won’t take long, an hour maybe.

–> When paint is fully dry peel back the freezer paper. It’s like painters tape. Peel after drying.

–> VOILA! a fun  spring shirt to enjoy!

–> of course you can embellish this in any direction your imagination takes you.

MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay – is to encourage you to be creative on the weekends. Spend time making something with your family, your friends or by yourself.