AOL-Patch Mom Council

More wonderful things happening over here y’all!

A couple weeks ago, I received  a call from an editor of the AOL online news source PATCH asking me to head up a local MOM COUNCIL.

After hearing all it entailed. I said YES!

Of course I said Yes, I get to voice my opinion and create a dialogue for parents online.

This is great because I know there are parents like me who crave a community and sometimes just do not have the time to do this in the human form… this is where online communities are gold! Chatting about things that matter online with a group of parents who get where you are coming from and truly understand  and offer advice. It’s great!

I was asked to put together a MOM COUNCIL.

So before posting a “call for mom’s” I decided to reach out to those I know and care very much about. Those Mom’s who really helped me out so very much when I first became a parent who are also amazing mothers themselves with different backgrounds and personalities.

I sent an email out to 10 women and 8 said YES! so there ya go. I have my mom council.

*I had to pick mom’s who lived in my town and nearby… PATCH rules*

Every Wednesday at 1pm, the PATCH posts a MOM TALK discussion LIVE online. and the MOM COUNCIL and others help facilitate these discussions.  If you miss the 1pm chat you can always go back and comment and get responses. It’s a way to engage parents around topics as light-hearted as holiday travel and as difficult as teenage substance issues.

Join me every Wednesday at 1pm or whenever at  CHAPPAQUA- MOUNT KISCO  PATCH

I would love to add more parents to my council so please connect with me if you live in Northern Westchester!