Last day as a 5 year old

Today was Lily’s very last day being 5!

My heart has been in knots today… my sweet pea is growing up faster than I can enjoy it!

Me: Lily, today is the last day I will know you as a 5 year old

Lily: Don’t worry mommy, I’ll still be your little Lily, I won’t change.

This is what lily looked like on her last day being 5!


I decided to write an open letter to Lily in the hopes she reads this when she is older.

Dear Lily,

I love you more than I can express in words. Sometimes I create dances about how much I love you. Like today, when I was teaching, my final phrase in class was set to “my bonnie lies over the ocean” because when those two years you were not living with us, I used to sing that song out into the universe and say… “oh bring back, oh bring back, oh bring back my Lily to me, to me”

I make you say Hippopotamus and Octopus becuase you can’t say these words yet and it is the cutest thing ever. You say : hippo-poma-nesses and oct-a-fusses

I make you sing songs in exchange for candy because I love your singing and you never perform on command.

I love how you climb into bed with daddy and I every night at 1:30am on the dot.

I love waking up to you kicking me or snuggled with me in the mornings.

I love how you make really gross nasty food that you ‘cook’ in your wooden kitchen in our kitchen and then make daddy taste it because my excuse includes how I don’t like candy and all your recipies have candy as the main ingredient. Daddy always eats or drinks whatever concoction you come up with…and never spits it out… just so you know.

I love that you are adventurous and creative and your imagination rivals anyone elses’ I know. You should make movies when you get older because I love your story lines.

You want to be an artist and a pirate when you grow up. An artist because you enjoy it more than … even candy, and a pirate because you get to have a parrot as a pet.

You play Wii tournaments with daddy all the time and you are intensely competitive and so is daddy and it’s the funniest thing to watch the two of you.

You can swim like a fish and dive down to the bottom of a 5foot pool to retrieve dive toys.

Your best friend is Krista who is a character just like you. Its a perfect match.

You are mostly interested in art and nature and role play and not really in TV or games.

You would rather be home than anywhere else. You love staying home and snuggling.

You used to love to watch Franklin and Little Bear but told me recently that 6 yr olds don’t watch that and you should watch Hanna Montana ( not going t0 happen)

You collect earthworms… 20 at a time and tie them in knots. It’s not nice. You collect snails from our neighbours garden and have snail races.

Almost every morning you wake up and ask for candy. We sometimes call you candy girl.

You pretend you have fangs and try to suck my blood. pretty cute.

You love my sis and think she is a kid cuz she looks like one. You are very confused that she is a grownup dentist  because she looks like a kid. We have many conversations about this.

You have not talked about your birth parents in a while… which makes me feel like you are forgetting them and I’m not sure how Ishould feel about this.

I love that you sing when you are concentrating or sad. You sing songs about how no one is sleeping in your bed and you have to go to bed alone, you sing songs to Jonah to calm him down.

I love that you talk to Jonah like he is a human and treat him as such many times.

Your sense of humor is fab and your comedic timing is perfection!

Sometimes you drive me crazy and when I say the word “crazy” you make me do jumping jacks…cuz that’s not a nice thing to say to someone.

One day you told someone that I was a blogger, a choreographer a dancer and a mommy.

I accept!

Lily I love you, you have changed my life and at first is was really hard, but I can’t imagine being the person I am today 2.5 yrs later if it wasn’t for you and for your humor and your patience with me being your parent.

Happy birthday Lily. I thank GOD for you everyday of my life.