Surprises in the snow

As much as I like to complain about the snow lately, I do love it! Honestly I my frustration about all these snow days and nasty weather is because my show opens in one week in NYC and I am stressed!!!

I had to cancel rehearsal last week because I could not get out of my house and the trains were not running. Mother Nature was on my ‘do not like” list that day.

While in NYC this week I was utterly inspired by everything, all the nasty snow days somehow were so charming and beautiful … hope you can find a bit of inspiration on these snowed in days!

In Brooklyn while walking to rehearsal…street art!

Some funky person built these snow sculptures on the sidewalk … what a great way to start a 9am dance rehearsal!

My faboosh dancer Meryl. Notice the telephone on a side table made out of snow!

I love finding art and inspiration during these snowy days!!!

Look around you probably have snow art right in your hood!