I’d rather be fishing

So for those of you in tropical climates who are reading this here blog… it is ONE DEGREE outside. that’s without the windchill or the sun going down! *P.S. My family and friends live in India and Florida and Cali and they read this blog… so my shout out is legit*

Matt has been singing songs and doing heat wave dances. Mind over matter right?

With that in mind…. Let me tell you about my summer vacation.

I am late on that post anyway, so here goes. A little bit of Florida sunshine during these frigid winter months

Matt and my parents live in Florida and every summer we visit for an extended time to enjoy the sun, the water, the fishing, the family love and most important to chillax! Florida is an incredibly chill state and people wear flip flops year round and people are overly kind and sweet and the whole vibe is good for the soul.

Lily climbing Grandma and Grandpa's fig tree.

We spend our summers on Florida’s emerald coast… AKA Florida Panhandle, AKA Florida GulfCoast, AKA where all the hurricanes hit! Matt’s parents live right on the water so our morning routine consisted of waking up and jumping right in the water.

Ah the dog days of summer… oh how I miss them!  Today as I had to slush through the snow and wear multiple layers and spend yet another day in my clunky snow boots, I thought much about my warm humid summers in Florida.

Lily driving the boat...she did great! a natural!

Lily did really well water-sking and swimming and all things water related.

The oil spill did not effect our beach going at all. Although things were pretty bad with the oil spill we didn’t see any tar balls or signs of oil. lucky!

We spent many lazy afternoon’s sitting under the trees and staring out into the water…

… collecting hermit crabs and fishing with Grandpa late at night!

ok there… I feel much better and warmer. Now to brace myself for 2 days of massive snow…and it’s ONLY January.

*P.S. I secretly love this snow…just that I have a show that opens in NYC in 3 weeks and these snow-days off from school are  stressing me out! *