Dead skin… psha!

My wonderful friend Laura  who is an amazing singer and can cook like a beast ( that’s a good thing) introduced me to her fab friend Barbara Lynn of Body&Soul Restorations who makes the most wonderful bath salts.

It’s January. It’s frigid here in NY and my skin is a very unflattering shade of grey. So when Barbara Lynn sent me her bath salts to try, I was in the shower immediately trying to get rid of my winter skin blahs.

Body & Soul Restorations at Home creates artisanal, therapeutic products for home care that assist the body’s inherent ability to fight stress and disease through the use of botanicals and minerals.

Body and Soul Restorations uses ancient remedies and eastern tradition while applying modern wisdom and   only  using natural ingredients and organic botanicals. These products are not tested on animals… only friends!

I love bath salts, being a parent I appreciate them all the more. After a long day of chasing Lily and Jonah around or a long day of dance rehearsal a nice long hot bath is the exact thing I need.

Barbara Lynn’s bath salts smell heavenly. I light a little candle, sip on some red and am immediately transported to some exotic locale where people walk around in sarongs and take yoga all the time and get massages on the beach and then take a bath to chillax!

Isn’t Valentines day coming up? I suggest you get yourself a present… Baraba Lynn’s Body&Soul Restorations bath salts.

Ok, so really I am not just saying nice things about this product because it’s a friends thing.

I love to support small business owners, I love to support women businesses, and i love to find a good product that is not mass produced! Honestly these salts are gooood y;all. The salts really do get rid of all that nasty dry dull skin and when you wash it off and soak, you are left with a nice soft glow. Not greasy like some other bath salts. This is a nice clean feel.

Stop by and say hi to Barbara Lynn and tell her I sent you!

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