Story of MLK told by a 5 Year Old

Lily and I often have deep conversation about important issues… when she’s pooping. Sometimes she talks about her life before we adopted her, other times it’s about the witch that lives in the attic, yesterday it was about Martin Luther King Jr.

Lily: Did you know that one day black people and white people could not drink from the same water fountain at school?

Me: Yea Lil, did you learn that at school today?

Lily: And black people and white people could not go to the same school and they had to go on separate buses.

Me: Yes Lily it was very sad. People were not very nice to one another.

Lily: The white people like me could do whatever they wanted and the brown skinned  people like you had to follow many silly rules.

Me: Yea Lil it was very unfortunate

Lily: Is that true?

Me: Sadly yes, it was true.

Lily: But one day a boy named Martin Luther King Jr said, “no way” this is not right” and he changed the world. Lots of people listened to him and they changed the rules”

Me: Yep, he was a brave man and I think his mommy and daddy were very proud of him.

Lily: You know mom, if it wasn’t for Martin Luther King Jr, you and daddy would not be able to get married and you would not be my mommy and I would not have Jonah and I would not have a family.

Me: Wow Lily that was very touching.

Lots to be thankful for on this MLK day!

Here is a link to a video of Lily telling a variation of this story.