How to Attend a Twitter Party

I wrote this little post for my other life… THE CHAT SHOP thought some of readers here might enjoy it too!

So, you have been invited  to a ‘twitter party” they are all the rage these days ya know! But you don’t know what to wear. You don’t know if you can bring a friend and you kinda don’t have directions TO the party. Well no fear… I am here to help.

FIRST: You need to sign up for a free twitter account.

Alright , you probably received an email saying – please attend our twitter party at 9pm on Thursday. Don’t forget to use #westchat

Simple answer: use #westchat at the end of all your tweets and you can join the conversation AKA party that way. If you need more info…read on.

All twitter parties use a hashtag that looks like this—-> # and is followed by a word. Example: #westchat. Using a #Hashtag enters you into a chat room or party!  Hashtag is Twitter lingo, add it to your vocabulary asap. If you click on the #hashtag you will find all conversations that pertain to that #hashtag  You can most certainly do this on twitter by refreshing your page every fews seconds. I do not recommend this!

…or you can use a Twitter aggregator program. What’s that you say? It’s free software that you can download or is accessible through your web browser. Of course there are a gazillion options out there but I recommend these programs. They are easy to use and I have experience with them all – TWEETCHAT, TWEETGRID, TWEETDECK and HOOTSUITE. Using these Twitter Aggregator Programs makes it easier for you to keep up with the chat and saves your little index finder from having to refresh every second.

*Reminder* You must have a Twitter account to join

  • For beginners TWEETCHAT is good. It’s easy to use and great for your  first twitter party.
  • I recommend HOOTSUITE or TWEETDECK. This outlet allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts and facebook  accounts + each account has it’s own page with separate columns for  streams + @mentions + Direct message… etc. You can also add the #hashtag of your twitter party to create your own personalized column so you can essentially participate in multiple parties at the same time.
  • TWEETDECK and HOOTSUITE are essentially the same except to use TWEETDECK you have to download and install a free program to your computer and HOOTSUITE can be accessed through your web browser. I use Hootsuite.
  • Another really popular and super easy Twitter Aggregator is TWEETGRID. Just go to the site and enter the info they ask and voila! You’re in! Sign in with your twitter account and join in the chat. The great thing about TWEETGRID is that it adds the #hashtag to your posts automatically. You might have issues with TWEETGRID, i.e.- column freezing,  but not to fear, they are resolved pretty quickly

Alright, that’s it folks! Have fun at your partee and don’t get too crazy!

If you have any questions contact me at newyork.mom1 (at) gmail (dot) com