Gingerbread houses

Lily’s kindergarten class made gingerbread houses this week. I volunteered to help.

Oh what fun!

I took some pics as a step by step guide on making these little wonders. The best part is tasting all the goodies that go on the house!


-How to make a gingerbread house-

So, first you start with two small milk cartons- glued together- side by side. I recommend doing this the previous day to give plenty of drying time.

Get all your supplies ready before you start: graham crackers, gumdrops, pretzel sticks, m&m’s, peppermint candies, marshmallows..etc

next , spread icing on the milk cartons (see image above) and stick your Graham Crackers to it.

Once you have done that, cover the graham crackers with icing. This is so the candies can stick to the outside of the house.

Next… go crazy-design-be creative and make sure to taste test some candies along the way… it’s the best part!

After the kids made their gingerbread houses we put them in plastic bags so they would dry safely. * before tying  blow some air into the bag so it creates a bubble around the gingerbread house that way nothing touches the precious house!