Random Acts of Kindness

I am a member of the RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS foundation. This past summer, my dance company was invited to present a concert in Rosemary  Beach in Florida’s panhandle. The concert was a part of Random Acts of Kindness, bringing the arts to the beaches to lift spirits during the oil spill.

I was inspired and amazed by this foundation and have since joined and am forging forward with doing kind acts randomly throughout my community.

I have found this to be great especially for kids. So this weekend, I gathered up a few of my friends and their kids and served FREE hot chocolate and cookies in our town’s downtown outdoor shopping area. With these cold temperature…  a hot beverage and smiley faces was very much appreciated!

I encourage you all to do RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS daily and maybe sometimes get a group together to do something for others. keep it simple and see where it goes.