Halloween x3

Lily had not one, not two… but THREE costumes – outfits – personalities for Halloween this year.

Good thing we were prepared for all of them!

She originally wanted to go as a pirate. Matt and I looked everywhere for a parrot to put on her shoulder… did I tell you how we look EVERYWHERE. No parrot. Matt even tried to disguise some innocent looking christmas firebird thing at Michaels Arts and Crafts but no luck. Then somehow my bargain-hunter instincts took over and I found (dramatic pause)  – on shelf below the bottom shelf – of the fake flower section- a clearance basket that had ONE parrot. for 99Cents!

So excited! We headed home and showed Lily the Parrot, she was thrilled and gave it a name… Parrot… original.

Jonah loved the thing too… he held it hostage for quite a while. Fortunately the parrot survived unscathed.

The first Halloween event was the town parade. Oh what a cute event this was and Lily was so excited and she was going to show off the parrot, that had now been fastened onto the shoulder of her pirate shirt, to all her friends.

But last minute change…she went as SPIDERMAN.

Next there was the parade and party at the elementary school. And she got out the pirate costume out BUUUUUT decided to go as Ariel from the little mermaid.

Next was the actual event…Halloween Night. For trick or treat I wasn’t sure what she was going to transform into.

In the end…. arrrgh!

The Pirate with the parrot!!