Tron : the legacy

Last week  I was invited to see a 25 minute screening of the unfinished , as yet unrated, highly anticipated movie TRON:The Legacy

The event was held at the French Institute in NYC with a reception and director chat, producer meet up..etc

The evening was coupled with a preview of another upcoming Disney movie TANGLED. (I’ll write about Tangled in a separate post)

While I can’t give you a full review of TRON, I only saw 25 minutes of it, I will say HOLY AMAZING BATMAN!!!

I am not one to fall for sci-fy tech movies, where computers and humans fight…its not my thing.

As much buzz as the film is generating,  the soundtrack too has many people excited…like me. DAFT PUNK the french electronic duo, created the entire sounds track. It’s AMAZING, the feel and quality of the movie has an undeniable human feel in this  technological setting. The human connection that the movie ultimately searches for is found and touches very deeply. I am curious to see the film in its entirety, and also see what the male – female response is to this remake.

AND to only make things even more thrilling,  the band DAFT PUNK makes a cameo in the flick.

You can catch a 20 minute sneak peek in theatres 10-28-10. click for details right—-> here