Lily and I went over to our local dog shelter to do visit a litter of 12 puppies. 5 weeks old!

Their mom was a Boxer and the shelter thinks that the father was an American Bulldog.

I have been meaning to get Lily involved with some volunteer work. She starts kindergarten next week and I figured this is as good time as any to get her started.

. Lily is only 5 and really can’t do much in terms of volunteering with an organization, you have to be 7 and above in most places…which makes sense.

Our good Friend who works with Adopt  a Dog in Armonk,NY told us of a litter of 12 puppies who needed socialization. So off we went to play with them!

It was amazing, Lily loved every second of it. Although she loves our Jonah Beast with all her heart, she does long for a ‘small’ dog… like anything below 200 pounds!

We hope to go back to help out with the puppies anytime they need it. Lily is too young to help with the adult dogs, so for now …puppies it is!

Adopt-A-Dog is a dog and cat rescue and sanctuary organization serving New York and Connecticut and beyond for nearly three decades.

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**** please make sure you check with your local dog shelter before showing up with your 5yr old. We had a special situation which was supervised and planned.****

Actually it was